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New NPCs

13 new NPCs have been added to the town of Tiben; it now feels like a hive of activity rather than a dead, empty space. ... (read more & comment)
Thursday 10th April 2014

Productivity Boost

We have switched to using external software to edit the database. Sounds small, but it's a huge boost in productivity - it is so much faster to edit things, perform find and replaces, etc, and have all the data right there ready to view. There may be some glitches or problems while it's fine tuned and bugs are ironed out, but in short, expect a lot more "stuff" to come from this. For now it's been used to replace all the "back to town" links on NPCs with buttons. Beforeha... (read more & comment)
Thursday 10th April 2014

Quest: Buried Treasure

A new quest has been released - the twelfth so far - Buried Treasure. To start the quest you must first obtain a pirate's journal, an uncommon drop from battles. Keep an eye out for it! The town of Tiben has been extended slightly to accommodate, various new items have been created, and several new quest related books and scrolls. ... (read more & comment)
Tuesday 8th April 2014

New Books

All books in the game have now been remade. You can find out how to obtain them by going to the user guide ( and searching "books". On top of this a variety of new books have been added to the game (all of them free) in relevant locations. Others have been rewritten or reworded so as to improve the storyline of Afar or convey it in a better way. ... (read more & comment)
Monday 7th April 2014

Desert Trek

A new quest has been released, taking the player into a new region to the South-East. Desert Trek is an exploration quest using previously made mechanics, introducing more of the storyline of Tiben and Damascar and the couple's turbulent relationship. This will be built upon in future quests and books, and the quest will be neatened up soon. The quest involves a new dungeon - the largest in the game now - the Desert Cave - although this dungeon is currently under construction (sorry!). Enem... (read more & comment)
Sunday 6th April 2014